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Strategic Partner Alliance

Canton Productions is proud to announce it has garnered show alliances with several of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s top concert promoters, offering connections to a vast network of artists (singers, actors, bands, musicians and EMCEEs) and entertainment programs.  Canton Productions is honoured to be entrusted by the Asia promoters and to be appointed to fully represent them as their North America agent.  With our strong ties, we are able to provide our North American clients and show investors with absolute reliability, confidence and not to mention first dibs in selecting artists and shows.

錦劻國際娛樂(加拿大)很榮幸與香港及台灣多間頂級演唱會推廣製作公司組成聯盟夥伴,  為北美客戶或有意投資演唱會者建立更廣泛的演藝網絡, 引薦中港台歌手、演員、樂隊、音樂家、司儀等及其他優質的表演項目。我們更獲亞洲聯盟的絕對信賴而獲受權代表聯盟夥伴們處理北美市場事宜。憑藉我們龐大的關係網絡, 定能為客戶帶來絕對的可靠和信心。

Best Entertainment & Prices

As one of the most established concert promoters in North America since 1995, we are dedicated to bringing the best quality entertainment and the best talent fee prices from Asia to North America for any type of stage performance, ceremonies, dinner galas or concert events.  With a track record of success, our clients and concert goers are able to experience the best of both worlds:  absolute professionalism, impressive concerts or shows complimented with a stellar star line-up.  Today, with our undeniable show alliances, we are able to stage the most sought out concerts and artists from overseas to North America.

1995年成立以來,錦劻國際娛樂已成為北美最資深的演唱會推廣人之一,將中港台演唱會及藝人代理到北美演出。 憑藉多年成功記錄和口碑,我們的客戶及觀眾皆能體驗最佳的視聽之娛 — 星級的陣容,印象深刻的演出。我們成立聯盟後, 亦繼續致力提供最優質的娛樂及最實惠的演出價格,務求將更多受歡迎的演出帶到北美。

Staging Asia Concerts

Our partner alliances share with us the latest concert happenings in Hong Kong and Taiwan, hence providing the platform for us to offer to our clients and investors the opportunity to bring those concert tours or entertainment from Asia to North America.


Connect the Stars

We are constantly updating our star line-up portfolio to provide our clients with a large selection of today’s most current and hottest artists from Asia.


Let us connect you to the stars for your next project!

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