Concert & Event Production

Canton Productions, your one-stop Optimal Entertainment Promoter in Canada & U.S.A. Celebrating 20 years in the industry of organizing and producing Concerts, Shows and Events; successfully entertaining crowds all across Canada. For each production, we strive to put on a show that will mesmerize the audience, and we do so by making use of new technologies and virtual representations of sets. Looking to bring a show or concert to North America from Asia?
Canton Productions is proud to provide you with an extensive line of services.
Event Management Services:

  • Concerts
  • Theatrical Dramas or Musicals
  • Dinner Galas
  • Press Conferences

Technical Line of Services:

  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Live Sound Recording
  • Video Projection
  • Coordination of Live Feeds
  • Coordination of Cameras and Switching
  • Computer Rendered
  • Lighting Designs & Effects
  • Stage Design
  • Representation of Sets
  • Special Effects or Backdrops

Strategic Line of Services:

  • Budget Planning
  • Ticketing Planning and Arrangements
  • Media Planning and Promotions
    • Media Channel Selection
    • Negotiations with Media Channels for media bookings or sponsorships
    • Advertising Frequency and Pattern Scheduling
  • Designing Advertising Creative
    • Creatives for Television, Radio, Print Ads and Press Releases
    • Creatives for Supporting Promotional Materials, such as Posters, Banners…
  • Show Productions
  • Touring Logistics

Let us connect you to the stars for your next project!

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